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What is WordPress and should I consider using it?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). It's free and open source,which means that anyone can use it. But most importantly, WordPress has becomethe most popular CMS available today. In fact, it is the most popular CMS inuse today, powering more than half of all new websites.

WordPress was released on May 27, 2003, by its founder, Matt Mullenweg, andMike Little. It is written in PHP programming language, along with mySQLdatabases.

Although WordPress has been criticized for being overly complex in someways, it has been praised for its security, flexibility, ease of use andscalability.

The reason for its popularity is because you don't have to know how to codein order to use it—you can simply install it and start blogging or creatingyour website right away. If you already have an idea for a site but aren't surehow to create one from scratch, then this makes things even easier for you!

When should I use WordPress?

If you're looking for a website builder that's easy to use, has a wide rangeof features and plugins, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg—WordPress is foryou.


WordPress is great for:

  • Small businesses who need a website that looks professional without breaking the bank (or their credit card).
  • Startups who want their online presence to be as robust as possible from day one.
  • Personal websites where users want more control over the content they publish and how it looks.
  • Blogs and news sites that require dynamic content creation tools like blog posts orarticle management systems.

The three most popular functions/uses of WordPress websites would be:

Blogs: If you're looking for a simple way to start your own blog, WordPress is a great option. There are lots of free themes available and if you want something more customised, there are also premium themes available with a wide range of features.

Content Management Systems (CMS): If you want to build an online store or manage multiple pages on your website, WordPress can be used as a CMS as well. You'll need to install an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, but once this is done you'll be able to manage products, orders and customer accounts directly from your website dashboard.

Portfolio: If you're an artist or photographer and want to show off your work online with an online portfolio, WordPress is great for this too! There are plenty of free themes available with responsive layouts so they'll look great on any device including desktops, laptops.

Having a CMS like WordPress can also help your business save time and moneyin the long run. You won’t have to hire someone or pay extra fees to keep yoursite running smoothly if something goes wrong with its code or design. You’llhave full control over everything on your website so you can make changeswhenever you want without having to rely on anyone else.

Who uses WordPress?

WordPress is used by small businesses, large corporations, and personalbloggers. It’s also used by companies like Disney, Google, Facebook and evenNASA.


WordPress can be used to create membership sites or forums; it has tens ofthousands of themes (or “looks”) to choose from and you can customizeeverything from the size of your logo down to the colour of your buttons.

WordPress is easy for beginners because it has an intuitive user interfacesimilar to Microsoft Word or an email client like Outlook Express. You can useWordPress on any computer with a web browser such as Google Chrome or InternetExplorer and there's no need for technical knowledge.

Even though WordPress is beginner-friendly, many experienced developersstill use the software. Having extra development knowledge such as coding isalways a bonus, but not completely necessary for a basic WordPress site.

The cost of running WordPress depends on how you choose to host your site.You can hire someone to do it for you or host it yourself. If you choose tohost with an outside provider like HostGator (my recommendation), then the costwill be about $10/month for the first year (less if you pay annually). Thereare a variety of hosting providers to choose from to suit your needs.

How will using WordPress benefit my business?

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world,used on more than 30% of all websites. The software is open source and free touse. It's also supported by a vast community of developers and designers whoare constantly improving it.

With WordPress, you don't need any technical knowledge or skills to createyour own website or online store. You'll be able to choose from thousands offree themes that look great and integrate with your business modelseamlessly—or pay someone else to make one especially for you!

Furthermore; WordPress can be integrated with a bunch of business automationsoftware, a large part of which is through email marketing etc., so if yourbusiness needs these types of things then this would be another reason why youmight want to consider using WordPress as well (and vice versa).

How flexible is WordPress, does it allow for customisation?

WordPress is extremely flexible, allowing you to make any changes you wantwith no code knowledge required. It's a content management system (CMS), whichmeans that all the content on your website can be edited by users, in this caseyou. WordPress allows users to add new pages, upload images and videos andwrite posts on any page they choose.

WordPress provides features such as:

·       Rich text editing

·       Customizable layouts

·       User roles and capabilities

·       A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor which allows you to createformatted text with images, lists and links.

WordPress has a large community of developers who have created thousands ofthemes and plugins for use in the CMS. Themes give websites a theme or designwhile plugins let businesses add extra features such as contact forms ore-commerce sales pages without having to write code themselves.

WordPress has an intuitive interface and can be customized to fit yourbrand's needs through plugins and themes — no coding required. It has built-insecurity features that keep your site safe from hackers and viruses.

Here's why you should consider using WordPress for your next website project.

If you're interested in a website that's easy to maintain and update, aswell as attractive and functional, then WordPress is the way to go.

Not only that, but it's a great choice if you want more control over howyour site looks. With WordPress, you can customize your site design furtherthan is possible with a simple template-based solution like Squarespace or Wix.

WordPress is free, and you can download the software from WordPress.org. You can also find plenty of free WordPress themes and plugins on the site that will help youcustomize your site even further.


The software itself has been built from the ground up with flexibility inmind; unlike many other platforms which are designed for ease of use ratherthan customizability (and therefore require a designer), WordPress allows itsusers to build their own layouts from scratch using HTML5 elements such asheaders and footers or simply by pasting some code into their pages' sourcecode files (or "pages"). This makes it possible for anyone with even basic coding skills—and even those without any—to customize their sites exactly as they see fit!

With extensive library of free themes available through the WordPress ThemeDirectory (which also hosts premium themes), there are plenty of options whenchoosing how your site will look once launched...and if none quite meet yourneeds then why not hire someone else to do so?

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